“Our personalized program is built on the largest in-depth studies on long term disease prevention and designed by leaders in the field of longevity and preventive medicine”



We recommend the Numenor plus membership for you. The most advanced longevity membership plan in the UK. 

1 - Understand yourself

Go through an onboarding session with a medical doctor and deep dive into your family history, personal health, lifestyle and goals

2- Advanced tests every 6 months

Through a combination of blood biomarkers, scans, lab tests and wearable data we are able to produce a detailed health map and highlight your main long term health risks (examples: VO2max, DEXA body composition, Apolipoprotein B and complete lipid panel, insulin resistance, inflammation, sleep metrics and more)

3 - Clinically-prescribed medications and lifestyle support 

Our doctors will create a personalized plan which includes prescription medications, lifestyle protocols and personalized supplement recommendations.

4- Continuous medical support

You will have regular video check-ins with your concierge doctor and have 24/7 access via text to your health support team.

Price: £200 a month

Book a free introduction call

Not sure where to start? Book a free 30 minute introduction call with our longevity doctor and discuss your goals.

Advanced longevity doctor consultation

Speak with an expert longevity doctor about your health goals and ambitions. Discuss anti-aging therapies, previous test results and more. Receive a personalised health plan.


Interested in a specific treatment?

Heart health pack

 Optimize your heart health (target biomarkers: LDL and HDL cholesterol, Apolipoprotein B, Triglycerides, lipoprotein(a) and more)

Prices start at £35 per one month supply

Metabolic health pack

Optimize your metabolic health and prevent insulin resistance (target markers: HOMA-IR, fasting insulin, fasting glucose, HbA1c, FIRI)

Prices start at £35 per one month supply

Weight loss programme

 Optimize your weight with our personalized weight loss program which combines powerful weight loss medications with personalized care and health coaching

Prices start at £200 a month

Glucose spike optimization

 Explore Numenor's treatment options to manage glucose spikes and optimize your glucose metabolism

Prices start at £35 per one month supply